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Replacing Cedar Siding with LP SmartSide in Campton Hills, IL: A Case Study

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Campton Hills IL Cedar Siding Replacement


In the picturesque community of Campton Hills, Illinois, where homes are nestled amidst nature’s serene backdrop, preserving the integrity and beauty of those homes is of paramount importance to homeowners. But like any house subjected to the elements, even the most cherished homes can experience wear and tear over time.

One such tale of deteriorated cedar siding, a leaking upstairs window, and its effect on a downstairs kitchen is one worth sharing, as it showcases the importance of timely repairs and choosing the right materials.

Replacing Cedar Siding with LP SmartSide in Campton Hills, IL

The Problem

The homeowner of our story came to us with a pressing issue: The cedar siding around an upstairs window had become compromised, the texture soft and weakened by the effects of water, time, and the unpredictable Midwestern weather. 

The damage was not merely superficial. Water seeped through the compromised siding, infiltrated the window frame, and found its way to the ceiling beams of the kitchen below, a homeowner’s nightmare come to life.

Water Seeping on Ceilings Beams

The Solution

Upon inspection, it became evident that a simple patch job would not suffice. Both the cedar window frames and the adjoining siding needed replacement. But instead of opting for the same cedar materials, the homeowner and our team made the decision to go with white LP SmartSide frames and siding.

Why LP SmartSide?

There are several compelling reasons for choosing LP SmartSide over traditional cedar:

The Process

In less than a day, our crew removed the old, rotted materials from around the window, vent, and wall

Here you can see the clear water marks where water had been flowing under and behind the rotted cedar frames.

So often we want to allow our materials to last as long as possible, putting off critical work, and this is a perfect example of how it can lead to more headaches (and cost) in the long-run.

Holda Construction Siding Expert on the Job in Campton Hills IL

The Holda family was proudly represented by Mariusz’s son, Kevin Holda, who was on-site delivering and removing materials. He made fast-friends with our youngest customer, who luckily was there to put her supervising approval on all that was going on.

Waterproofing and flashing was installed in and around the windows, ensuring that the paths the water took into the kitchen could not be repeated. The new set-up is secure and will surely last a long time.

Kevin Holda Making Friends with Customer

The Outcome

Post repair and replacement, the transformation was both functional and visually appealing. The once compromised and soft cedar siding was replaced with pristine white LP SmartSide, breathing new life into the home’s facade.

But the true testament to the success of this project came with the first rainfall after the repairs. The homeowner was thrilled to report no more leaks around the window, and the kitchen ceiling beams remained dry, much to their relief.

Finished LP SmartSide Installation in Campton Hills IL
Still a bit of wet paint, but a job complete! Customer is thrilled!

In Conclusion

The cedar siding repair in Campton Hills is more than just a tale of fixing a problem. It’s a story about understanding a home’s needs, making informed decisions about materials, and ensuring that beauty and function can coexist harmoniously. LP SmartSide proved to be the hero in this narrative, and the homeowner’s satisfaction is a testament to its effectiveness and appeal.

For homeowners grappling with the decision of which siding material to choose, this Campton Hills story serves as a valuable lesson. Sometimes, it’s not just about replicating what was there before, but embracing innovations that better serve our homes in the long run. If you feel your siding may be a leak, mold, or mildew risk due to age, feel free to contact us to discuss solutions. With over 20+ years in the business, we’re at 847.847.2883 and happy to take your call!