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At Home With Holda: Our Step-By-Step Repair of a Leaking Roof in Cary, IL

It’s been a stormy week in Cook County and Lake County with more rain expected over the weekend. Severe weather often reveals the weak spots in our homes, and many have been experiencing issues with storm damage, their gutter systems and / or roof leaks.


When our repeat customer, Myron, alerted us that he was experiencing leaks in the roof of his Cary, IL home, we were there to help! He was kind enough to let us document each step of the project, as well, in a 9-part YouTube video series.

Roof Leak Repair Cary IL
Click here to view our Cary, IL roof repair project in a 9-part YouTube video series.

Identifying the Source of the Roof Leak

Chasing the source of the leaks through the ceiling inside the home, our founder Mariusz Holda located different areas of roof damage by inspecting the roof outside, and then completing an attic inspection indoors. 


During the roof inspection, Mariusz discovered that popped nails were leading to water damage to the plywood below. There were also loose and detached shingles over this damaged plywood.

Hidden Roof Plywood Damage
Water damage to the roof sheathing plywood. Click to see video details.

An instant realization when breaching the attic inside was that it was retaining a great deal of heat, indicating that attic ventilation was very poor.


Excessive heat in attics can lead to a number of problems that can be costly and damaging to your home. One of the biggest cons of heat in an attic is that it can cause the temperature in your home to rise, which can increase your energy bills significantly.


Additionally, excessive heat in an attic can cause damage to your roof and shingles, as well as lead to the growth of mold and mildew. This, in turn, can affect the air quality in your home and lead to health problems for you and your family.


Finally, high temperatures in the attic can also cause damage to any items stored in the space, including electronics, photographs, and other valuable possessions.


We knew that we’d have to help Myron avoid these potential issues, and it was important to ensure proper insulation and ventilation in the attic.


Signs of leaks were present as well, with water damage to the insulation and plywood. This confirmed what we saw on the roof, and gave us the source of our leak in the ceiling.

Roof sheathing plywood damage from the attic. Click to see video details.

Fixing the Roof Leak Damage

To fix the damage to the roof, we replaced the rotted plywood and re-shingled the surface. We applied new chimney flashing along the way, and installed new, improved bathroom fan ventilation.

To reduce the heat-retention in the attic, we improved the soffit ventilation by removing the existing openings and strategically cutting new openings to improve air flow. (Check out a related article regarding “Solutions For Reducing Heat Retention”.) Our customer, Myron, should see a huge improvement immediately, and hopefully save on his energy bills, as there’s less hot air to cool.

Project Wrap-Up

The project ended with a wonderful wrap-up conversation with Myron, who shared his satisfaction with our work and the struggles homeowners face when dealing with these issues. We are so grateful to him for his kind words and the time he took to do this, and are so pleased with the way his Cary, IL home turned out. 

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