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At Home With Holda: Protecting Your Home From Smoke and Other Pollutants

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Outdoor activity in Palatine and our surrounding communities has been challenged today by the “very unhealthy” air quality rating that has been issued due to wildfire smoke. As multiple fires continue to rage out of control in Canada, a reported 151 homes and over 200 structures have burned, the entire situation creating particulate in the air dangerous to many.

Experiences are varying as people attempt to shelter indoors, largely based on how effectively each home is updated for conditions such as these and has been sealed from the elements. If you are struggling with smoke penetrating your home today, you may want to look into the following issues. Not only can these updates help with the effects of summer controlled burns / wildfires, but they can also reduce other particulate, like dust and allergens.

Recommended Improvements to Roof, Siding, and Windows

Protecting a home from wildfire smoke requires a comprehensive approach that includes improvements to the roof, siding, and windows. 

Starting with the roof, one effective measure is to install Class A fire-rated roofing materials. These materials, such as asphalt shingles treated with fire-resistant coatings, can significantly reduce the risk of fire ignition from floating embers. Additionally, ensuring proper attic ventilation and sealing any gaps or cracks in the roof can prevent smoke infiltration into the home.

Next, upgrading the siding can enhance the home’s protection against wildfire smoke. Opting for non-combustible siding materials like fiber cement or metal can create a fire-resistant barrier around the house.

It’s also important to minimize any potential entry points for smoke by sealing gaps and joints between siding materials. Additionally, considering the installation of spark arresters on vents and chimneys can prevent ember intrusion, reducing the risk of smoke entering the home.

Finally, addressing the windows is crucial in safeguarding the interior from wildfire smoke. Installing dual-pane windows with tempered or laminated glass can improve their resistance to radiant heat and reduce the likelihood of shattering if exposed to fire. To further enhance protection, adding weather stripping or caulking around window frames can create a tight seal, preventing smoke infiltration. Additionally, utilizing window coverings such as fire-resistant shutters or heavy drapes can offer an extra layer of defense against smoke and radiant heat.

By implementing these improvements to the roof, siding, and windows, homeowners can significantly enhance their home’s ability to withstand wildfire smoke. It’s important to consult with local fire safety experts or contractors familiar with appropriate installation techniques to ensure the chosen materials and modifications align with the specific needs and regulations of the area. Additionally, regularly maintaining and inspecting these protective measures is essential to ensure their ongoing effectiveness in safeguarding against wildfire smoke.

If you have concerns your home may be vulnerable to the elements, we’d be happy to help. Our team will perform a thorough inspection in and outside your home, providing a complete plan and assessment of how our updates can resolve your issues. Feel free to learn more by visiting our YouTube Channel, exploring our website, and / or by contacting us at 847.847.2883.